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The drug addiction phenomenon has no boundaries; it knows no racial or social distinctions. Countries from the five continents, no matter how developed or undeveloped they may be, are affected by this problem. New doors have been opened in the last years for dealing with the problem and RETO expanded its work in these directions also. In some cases, the governments lack economical means and are overwhelmed by it. In other cases, the governments of the developed countries have the means, but have accepted and accommodated themselves to living with the drug problem. Not being able to find a definite solution, they are becoming dangerously resigned to it.


Our motivation in extending our assistance outside our boundaries comes from knowing, through the testimony of our volunteers, that there truly is a definite solution to this problem and a way to be completely free from addiction. Learn more

About Reto To Hope Australia


Reto was founded at the end of May 1985 in Cantabria, Spain, and is a non-profit organization whose articles of incorporation were signed on December 2nd of the same year.

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Admissions to Reto To Hope Australia


Residence in RETO is totally free for all those who need and request our help. Admission can be obtained immediately. It must be always on a free and voluntary basis.

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Donations to Reto To Hope Australia


RETO is a non-governmental and non-profit association with a self-financing system that is derived from the work and effort of those involved in the program.

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