Residence in RETO is totally free for all those who need and request our help. Admission can be obtained immediately. It must be always on a free and voluntary basis after a previous interview with the interested individual, either face-to-face or by phone. During the interview, all information, related to the internal functions of the centre, will be given.

The program covers a period of approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on the individual needs and progress. The time could be extended if the therapeutic team considers it necessary, depending primarily upon the motivations and circumstances of the person.

The centre offers in-patient rehabilitation, which means that the user will reside in one of the houses of the centre. There are different houses for men and women, respectively, where they are always attended by educators and supervisors.

The number of available places varies according to the immediate possibilities of the individual centre, to which the user applies.

The user will remain in the centre on a voluntary basis and will ask for leave when he decides it is time, or when the therapeutic team considers it appropriate. Admission is not to be denied to anyone on grounds of illness, pregnancy, culture, race, religion or sex.

Another means of admittance may be arranged by applying for an alternative to a prison sentence.